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Learn the secret to finding the right books for your kids and parenting with literature. After you read this book, you will have an entire plan for building your home library with purpose.
Join other parents on the journey to build an intentional bookshelf filled with books chosen for your family. Whether you're local or you live on the other side of the world, there is a workshop for you.
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You are a parent.

You are responsible for molding your children into the best versions of themselves. Talk about pressure, huh?

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value of children's books

A carefully curated bookshelf is key.

Children's literature is so incredibly rich in value - whether it be solidifying morals or introducing your kids to new interests, books are the gateway to better parenting. Stories are concrete examples of complex situations.

That's why building an Intentional Bookshelf is important. Your home library should be filled only with stories relevant to your family. Learn more about the Intentional Bookshelf method and begin your own.


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