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You have the power to be a purposeful parent.

All you have to do is look to your bookshelf.


... to be an intentional, present, and impactful parent

... to raise children that love to read

... to build a library of resources in your home to help you take purposeful action as a parent

... to connect with your children unlike ever before


You are home, and this space is your guide.

Welcome to the community

Of intentional parents who use children's books to raise the next generation of kind, empathetic, passionate young people.

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this is the best place to get started...

+ a resource to help families find incredible books for their intentional bookshelves

+ a vault of ideas & inspiration to guide parents in teaching & parenting through literature

+ a rich, diverse community of families living purposeful, value-centered lives.

Curating your bookshelf might just be the thing that takes you from a good parent, to a great parent.

The books you read to your children shape who they become. In this free guide I walk through:

+ What is an intentional bookshelf?
+ How to discover the topics most important to your family
+ My 4 step process to building a meaningful home library
+ The 3-2-1 method of bookshelf growth
and more.

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Looking to dive deeper into the method and process of The Intentional Bookshelf? 

Read the full book!


Do you have an un-intentional bookshelf at home? We can fix that.

It's time to #ReclaimYourBookshelf.


Ready to unlock the power of the books on your bookshelf?

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Have we met? I'm Sam!

I am your kid-lit loving tour guide around these parts. Nothing makes me happier than cuddling on the floor with my daughter, even just for one quiet moment and reading a book.

I'm so happy you're here, because parenting without a community is hard and I don't want to do it alone either.

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