Reads & Things Sunday #9

We have finally found a rhythm and a routine! For all of my type-A parents out there, you totally get me when I say this is a big deal. It’s super hard to live life without some type of flow, am I right? Things are consistent for now and I have noticed a huge shift in Addison. Tantrums are way less frequent (hip hip hooray, especially since we have been dealing with them so much lately, you can read about that here and here). One thing we have been embracing more of lately – and this is really hard for someone like me who enjoys structure and rules – is being okay with sporadic, impulsive decisions. Like going to the beach on a Sunday evening totally unprepared. It’s those small joys in life that bring us huge smiles to our faces and stay close to my heart as I write this week’s Reads & Things Sunday post.

Reads & Things Sunday

What we’ve been reading and loving this week. Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase anything through my link I will receive a small commission, but at no extra cost to you.


  • Please, Mr Panda by Steve Antony has been a favorite of ours lately. We got this book earlier this year and it truly is the gift that keeps on giving! Initially I bought it because we love Pandas so much (and because I recognized the future value it would hold in teaching manners) and now we enjoy it for its functional purpose – to reinforce the value of saying “please”. Throughout the day, if Addison is less than cordial with her requests, I will remind her of the book. It’s amazing to me that she remembers what I’m referring to, and will be sure to say “please” with her request. This is a fantastic book to introduce your child to the concept and to reiterate manners with older children as well. Plus, that Panda is just so darn cute!
  • Marcel the Shell: The Most Surprised I’ve Ever Been by Jenny Slate. Oh my goodness, this book is hilarious. However, I 100% can guarantee that you will not think it is hilarious unless you’ve seen the YouTube video this book is based off of, Marcel the Shell with Shoes On. It’s about this little shell with a googley eye and some shoes glued to him, and all of the weird oddities of his life as a little creature. He has a ridiculous voice and the youtube video has been my husband and I’s favorite for years now. When we stumbled across this book we absolutely had to have it for our family’s  bookshelf because it speaks so clearly to a core value of ours – humor. If it didn’t address this, we would not have grabbed it because we fiercely protect our bookshelf.
  • I’m still reading Into the Water by Paula Hawkins and truly this book has been getting better and better. At first I thought I knew what was happening and now I realize I was all wrong (don’t you just love it when books do that to you?!). I’ll likely be finishing it up this week and moving on to finishing The Whole Brain Child. If anyone has some good fiction recommendations, I’d love to hear them.



  • Every place we have lived has been next to the beach – of course! So, we finally visited one of our local beaches this past weekend and had so much fun. What I loved about it was that we didn’t plan or prep for it. We just showed up at the beach in our regular clothes, no towels or anything. We ran along the beach and got our feet wet. It was so fun just being together and showing Addison that life is more than plans and schedules – it’s about intentionally living and knowing what your most important values are (family, is one for us).
  • Addison has so so much energy, everyone who meets her always comments on her abundance of it. One of her favorite toys is this ride on snail / slug! She loves burning that energy riding around on it all through the house. I enjoy it because she calls it her “Buggy” and that is one of my top five favorite words to hear her say.
  • We have recently taken Addison’s crib rail off so she can be in her “big girl bed”. It’s been a little challenging and we were having a hard time at first. Keeping our bedtime routine consistent despite having the changing bed has helped a ton (of course that means lots of bedtime reading) but the thing that has probably helped us in this process the most is our Clever Dog video baby monitor. It connects to my phone so I can check the app whenever I want to see how she is. Just knowing that she may be crying or fussy but she’s still safe and sound in bed really gives us peace of mind! So grateful we have technology. Also, this is totally not too expensive just to know your child is doing okay.
  • Now that all our stuff is finally here and we are nearly fully unpacked we have been able to enjoy some of our favorite things – like our Wii U! We love activities we can do with the whole family, so playing a quick game of Wii tennis is a fun way to hang out and work as a team. Actually, speaking of which – when AJ is older I want to get our family into Pokemon Go, too. Mostly because I was super inspired by this great YouTube video by Emily D Baker about how to play Pokemon Go as a family. If you have older kids (I’d say about 5 and up) you can totally start playing together.
Reads and Things Sunday 9 | @addisonreads |
Mr. Panda helped us learn to say “please” for donuts!
Reads and Things Sunday 9 | @addisonreads |
Fun at the beach.
Reads and Things Sunday 9 | @addisonreads |
Riding on “Buggy”
Reads and Things Sunday 9 | @addisonreads |
Family time with Pikachu!

What have you been reading and doing this week?

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