Reads & Things Sunday

Reads and Things Sunday - our favorite melissa and doug puzzle at the moment - a fish puzzle. @addisonreads

Ah, Sunday. Hello friends! There’s a good reason I always write these posts on Sunday. This day is both the beginning and the end of the week. In my opinion, it’s the perfect time to reflect on what I am grateful for over the past 7 days and what I’d like to focus on in the upcoming week. What better day to talk about our favorite reads & things? If you read last week’s post you will know that I’ve finally begun to slow down and relax in my life these days – and let me tell you it’s awesome. Let’s get started!

Reads & Things Sunday

What we’ve been reading and loving this week. Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase anything through my link I will receive a small commission, but at no extra cost to you. 


  • Panda in the Park by Anna MilbourneAddison has loved this book since she was a baby! My cousin sent it as a gift to us (knowing AJ’s old nursery in Japan was panda themed). I’ve greatly enjoyed watching her get a better understanding of what’s happening as she’s grown up. Now she likes to peek through the holes, even though I’m fairly certain she knows exactly what’s on the next page at this point – I certainly do!
  • Tiny Bear’s Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones. It’s funny, when I first started this blog I thought I should keep my faith off of it, for fear of offending anyone. However, as I have grown my readership and community I have realized I would be doing a great disservice if I did not share the faith-based books in our library. I’ve always said that every family’s intentional bookshelf will be different, and I respect and appreciate that fact. I love learning about other religions myself and at this time in Addison’s life it is so important we incorporate our spirituality and faith into her library. We adore this Tiny Bear’s bible for so many reasons. It’s a board book, it’s got a furry/cuddly cover (adorable) and it simplifies key stories from the bible. We are big fans (we have the pink version but there’s also a blue one as well)!
  • Present over Perfect by Shauna Niequist. Thanks to the recommendations of my all-time favorite podcast, The Purposeful Home Podcast I have picked up quite a few books on intentional living and presence in life. This particular one has really got me thinking about existing more in my own life, being comfortable with steady and small growth and most importantly, valuing what I want and what makes me truly happy instead of just “hustling” or even doing what I think I “should” do all the time. Presently, my favorite quote is “You put up the chairs”, referring to the fact that you are in control of how much you grow in a business, or how many things you fit into your life. You have the opportunity to take down some chairs, you don’t always have to add more.


  • I can’t believe I have not mentioned this before, but my rechargeable reading light is totally one of my favorite things on the planet right now. As we have been (oh so patiently) waiting to reunite with my husband, AJ and I have moved in temporarily with my parents. That means: sharing a room with my 2 year old. I love to read at night, it helps me drift off to bed comfortably and more quickly. Unfortunately, because we share a room I can’t leave the light on to read – otherwise I’ll have a very furious 2 year old, which…if you know what that looks like…it’s not pretty. So this reading light has saved my sanity and my precious reading time! It doesn’t bother her at all – which means it won’t bother my hubby when we are finally together again. Also, it’s rechargeable so you never have to worry about running out and getting batteries.
  • A part of intentional parenting for me looks like filling my daughter’s life with plenty of playtime – with and without me. I enjoy sitting down and playing with her as often as I can, but I also like when she can spend some time alone engaging with her toys. I’m not super into electronic toys with buttons and sounds, we love things like wooden toys, stacking toys, play tents, etc. Right now Addison is loving puzzles. For her birthday we asked for wooden puzzles and were blessed with so many. Her favorite is this fish puzzle and this animal puzzle (both by Melissa & Doug). Once we move and her playroom is established I’ll be buying a puzzle rack to keep it all organized.
  • Speaking of moving and our new home / her playroom – the last thing I am loving this week is planning our new home. Hopefully we secure it and close within the next two weeks! All of your prayers and positive thoughts on that process are welcome and appreciated. I’ve reached out to one of my favorite interior designers who does e-designs (providing shopping lists, mock ups, inspiration boards, etc.) all online! Lily & Spice Interiors. I am hoping to work with her and also couple in my favorite elements of kids reading spaces to make our home everything we want and need for a comfortable and relaxing space. I want to continue to live a life of less, while still maintaining beauty and happiness. If you want to redesign a room or several rooms in your home, reach out to Amanda!

Reads and Things Sunday - our favorite melissa and doug puzzle at the moment - a fish puzzle. @addisonreads

What have you been reading and doing this week?


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