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Every new week that passes in my life as a parent brings new challenges and more reasons to be grateful. Although I was a solo parent this week while my husband was off at a military conference, I found that this week wasn’t too stressful or difficult at all. One thing that made parenting easier: I’ve tried to embrace fun and less perfection when it comes to motherhood. So what if we eat mac and cheese one night if that means we get to spend some extra time together because I’m not cooking and cleaning dishes all night!? Yes, let’s definitely watch an episode of Pokemon snuggled up together so I can put my feet up and you can giggle like crazy. Why don’t we make your reading nook fun and magical  just like I want your childhood to be?! I don’t know about you, but often times in motherhood I get fixated on making things absolutely picture perfect, when in reality, parenthood can be enjoyed so much more if you embrace the mess, encourage creativity and silliness and just take a freaking breath. I’m sure you’ll notice these themes in this week’s reads & things Sunday!

Reads & Things Sunday

What we’ve been reading and loving this week. Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase anything through my link I will receive a small commission, but at no extra cost to you. 


  • Goodnight Marines by David Dixon. As I mentioned, my husband was gone this week at a military conference. Being the awesome and thoughtful daddy he is, he wanted to buy Addison a book. He read through and picked up this amazing book where a young boy says goodnight to the Marines (and all of the iconic things related to the Corps). Obviously this book is perfect for our family’s intentional bookshelf for so many reasons – AJ’s daddy is a Marine and he leaves often. I will definitely be pulling this book out when he leaves next time, to remind her that she can still say goodnight to him even when he’s not home. A+!
  • Tiny Travelers: Japan by Misti Kenison. Now that all of our items have finally made it to our house, I’ve been going through all of the sentimental things looking for a place for them. That means tons of things from our time in Japan. Seeing all of this stuff reminds me of how much fun we had there, and of course, the birth of our sweet daughter. We’ve been reading our book, Tiny Travelers: Japan to remind us of what a great place it was to live in (and how we hope to go back someday!).
  • I finally finished Into the Water by Paula Hawkins and it was so good! I had an idea of how it would end the entire book and I was right, but I did enjoy how there was a little bit of a twist and how all the individual stories came together. Now I am on to my next (fiction) book, The Chemist by Stephanie Meyer. Yes, she wrote Twilight (which by the way, I do actually love, judge away!) but also a book called The Host. I have sneaking suspicion this book is set in a similar world which makes me really excited to dig in. I’ve been working through some other non-fiction books but those are a little slower to get through.


  • If you’ve read any of my previous reads & things Sunday posts you’ll know I am always on the lookout for quiet time activities. I have been a fan of coloring since I was a child, and I am so excited that Addison is finally old enough to actually color – and not eat the crayons. My mom bought AJ these beeswax crayons and we are super obsessed. They come in a convenient carrying case and are quite literally the softest, smoothest crayons I have even colored with. The shape and size make them easy to use for little hands, too.
  • I think my engineering background really attributes to my love of legos, and I am so happy to share that love of building with my daughter. We’ve had a  big box of legos for almost a whole year now and she hasn’t really been too excited about it. However, I’ve noticed that as her hand-eye coordination and motor skills have improved, her desire to try to build with them has grown. We’ll probably be adding a few more sets to our collection soon, but I’m giving her some time to try and figure out how to really get going with them first (legos are not easy to put together immediately, I’ve noticed).
  • My husband and I have noticed something about Addison. She loves animals, of all kinds, but specifically she loves dogs. She’s not afraid of them – regardless of the size – and she wants to be around them. We haven’t decided quite yet for sure, but we have this sneaking suspicion that if we added a dog to our family, she’d be over the moon. We also aren’t really sure, what kinds of dogs are best with kids? Something preferably that doesn’t shed too much, too!
  • As a bonus, I’m still all about our clever dog baby monitor. I love looking in on Addison as she sleeps (or doesn’t in this case) and enjoys her quiet alone time. It’s fun seeing what kinds of things she’s interested in doing when I’m not around. If you look closely at the picture below, she’s reading, which obviously makes my heart sing!
Reads and Things Sunday #11 - @addisonreads |
These crayons are so smooth.
Reads and Things Sunday #11 - @addisonreads |
We are learning how to Lego!
Reads and Things Sunday #11 - @addisonreads |
Should we become a family of 4?
She’s reading!

What have you been reading and doing this week?

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  1. Our little boy is in love with our dogs! I highly recommend looking at shelters for a dog. We’ve had many shelter dogs over the years and they’ve all been loving additions to our family.

    1. Yes! Definitely a shelter – but now I don’t know if we’re ready for one after all. I thought about how I have to take it for walks 😐

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