Reads & Things Sunday

I’m starting a new, fun “behind the scenes look” into our life here at Addison Reads. Each week I will pull back the curtain so to speak and tell you things we are loving (all related to intentional living, reading, parenting; you know, the good stuff that matters most in life). Let’s hop right in!

Reads & Things Sunday

What we’ve been reading and loving this week. Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase anything through my link I will receive a small commission, but at no extra cost to you. 


  • Pajama Time by Sandra Boynton. Such a great book for right before bedtime with a fun, rhythmic cadence. Plus, I love whispering “pajama time…” in Addison’s ear and watching her big smile explode from her face.
  • Around the Farm by Eric Carle. This is a sound book with all the characters inspired by Eric Carle’s famous children’s books. AJ’s favorite animal and sound is “DONKEY”. I am surprised about how quickly she’s picking up the sounds and also identifying the animals, this book turned out to be even better than I imagined for teaching her.
  • Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins (for mama). After hearing about the movie coming out and knowing that the book is supposedly amazing I’ve been giving this one a go. I like it so far, but it’s leaving me with a lot of questions and I am really wondering what direction the book is going to take next. I won’t give anything away, but if you’ve read it – tell me if you liked it! Regardless, I’m getting in my reading time more often and it’s making me much less stressed.


  • Old Spice Commercials on YouTube. I’ve recently found these totally hilarious videos. If you’re a fan of weird commercials and good smelling man, check out the Terry Crews Old Spice Commercials for a laugh. Having a good sense of humor is so important to infuse into Addison’s personality – so she’s enjoying these videos, too.
  • Jumping Parks! We’ve recently visited Rocking Jump and Sky Zone and we love getting some fun mommy / daughter time and exercise. Only problem? Now anytime AJ sees her special jumping socks in her drawer she starts jumping uncontrollably – send help!!
  • Snapchat (just for the filters). We make two adorable dogs, I have to admit! (We’re @addisonreads!)
  • A gourmet coffee + chocolate basket. Courtesy of my husband for Mother’s Day and just the sweetest, most thoughtful gift considering he’s so far away and knows me so well.

What kinds of things have you been reading and doing with your family, and for yourself, this week?

(By the way, I have a super exciting announcement – I am curating summer reading packs for kids! You can preorder yours soon, packs will go out starting June 1st and will only be available for purchase until June 30th. I’ll be letting those of you on my email list know first).

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    1. I totally agree! So far it’s been a bit chaotic to me, but maybe that’s the point? 8 like it but I do think I’m having trouble keeping up with the dates & timeline between the characters. Maybe I need to be taking notes…

      1. I couldn’t keep up it was the first book I read as an adult with a timeline and it was tough. Not my favorite type that is for sure. I watched the movie and I am not sure how I feel about it.

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