Peekaboo Book

The Facts

  • TITLE: Peekaboo!
  • WRITTEN BY: Hayley Down
  • ILLUSTRATED BY: Sarah Vince
  • PAGES: 11 (6 with text)
  • ISBN: 1783938706
  • Available on Amazon, here.

Initial Thoughts

This fold out board book is simply entertaining. With a built in mirror it almost serves as both a toy and a book. The fact that you can use the mirror to play “Peekaboo” with the characters in the story is charming and fun. It really is as described on the cover a “fun mirror game”.

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Super Speedy Summary

The book only has 6 pages of text so the summary is brief. Read along with the different characters (a horse, cow, lamb, pig and chick) as they describe similarities between themselves and the reader.

Mama’s Musings

This book is entertaining, I’ll definitely give it that. The mirror makes it extremely interactive and truly much like a game. It also allows for a fun way to point out features on your child – when we read it I point out AJ’s nose, ears, hair, etc. Also, the illustrations are just darling, bright and colorful. I do wish it was a little longer and had more of an ending. It makes it feel a little rushed and so I wouldn’t recommend it for a bedtime book (there’s no clear place to say “The End”). I have however thrown this book in my diaper bag and taken it along with us to lunch dates and appointments to keep AJ entertained.

She finds her reflection in the mirror hysterical, much to my delight and amusement. 

I love that kids can make themselves laugh by looking at themselves in a mirror. I think adults need to practice that more often – stop scrutinizing the person in the reflection and if you have to laugh a bit at yourself, make a funny face and do it.

The last thing I’ll mention is that some of the similarities aren’t very universal – for example, one of the animals says “I can see someone with small ears, like me!”. We find it hilarious because none of us (AJ, my husband, nor myself) have small ears, so we like to say “Where? We don’t see them?”.


Final Review

Overall, this book get’s 4 stars. It’s a decent book for a quick read or for bringing along places as entertainment, but it doesn’t have a lot of meat to it. That’s okay though, you need some simple books in your collection, too.

4 Stars

Let’s chat again on Tuesday, can’t wait to show you what we’ve been reading!

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Peekaboo! is an adorable book that will get your little one learning about their facial anatomy AND get a chance to play "peekaboo" and surprise themselves in the mirror. Read this and other book reviews on @addisonreads ---

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