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Quick update! I’ve started implementing something brand new into the blog, “petite critiques” (that adorable name is courtesy of a blogger friend of mine, Amy, thanks girl!). The books that fall within this category are short – sometimes with only a few words or pages. They are still invaluable for your child’s book collection, especially for the younger kids. However, they simply do not warrant the same level of discussion and depth as the other books I review. Look forward to a few petite critiques thrown into the mix every now and then, starting with this adorable book.

The Facts

  • TITLE: On the Move
  • WRITTEN BY: Make Believe Ideas
  • ILLUSTRATED BY: Sarah Vince
  • ISBN: 9781783938742
  • PAGES: 10
  • Available on Amazon, here.

Initial Thoughts

I just had to have this book as soon as I saw it (and at an affordable price of just $1.99 where I got it, even cheaper on Amazon). It’s so tiny and the perfect size for Addison to have in the car when we are driving or in her stroller when we are taking a walk. The cover is plushy and squishy, and just like the other BabyTown books we have, the construction is excellent and sturdy. Sarah Vince – who is totally my friend on Instagram now after I have thoroughly obsessed over her books – illustrated this entire series, and this is one of my favorite ones. The kids in the book look so friendly and the colors are exquisite. Something kind of minor and inconsequential for children is the typeface, I really appreciate it being something different but also very readable.


Bite-Size Summary

This book showcases 10 different methods of transportation, one on each page with a cute illustration to go along with it.

Mama’s Mini Musings

I love a good take-along-with-us book, and this one was a no-brainer. It’s inexpensive, but not cheap. It’s simple, yet informative. Plus, in many ways it goes beyond conventional modes of transportation and includes fun imaginative ones such as submarine and rocket. This is a great book for teaching new words and is a quick distraction to keep your child entertained. I’ll also say I like that there is diversity among the children featured in the book, that’s always refreshing.

A great grab and go book with beautiful illustrations!

It’s so small!

Final Review

We have a different reviewing system for the small books, tiny hearts. This book receives 4 1/2 tiny hearts, it’s super cute, convenient in size and fun to flip through!


Next week we’ll have 2 full book reviews for you, and I can’t wait to reveal some extra special stuff I have been working on behind the scenes. Until next week!

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