My Autumn Book

my-autumn-book-1The Facts

  • TITLE: My Autumn Book
  • WRITTEN & ILLUSTRATED BY: Wong Herbert Yee
  • PAGES: 30
  • ISBN: 9780805099225
  • Available on Amazon, here.

Initial Thoughts

It’s Fall! Which means when I saw this book on the shelf I just had to have it. I love the size and shape of the book, all too often books are square or portrait shaped (nothing wrong with that) but I do like a good landscape book from time to time. We read the hardcover version which I like because it’s sturdy and looks good on the shelf – I’ve never been a fan of paperback children’s books – though it is available at a cheaper price in paperback. The end papers aren’t anything fancy but they are orange which is so reminiscent on the season. Wong Herbert Yee’s illustrations are just darling, I’m not exactly sure what medium or style he uses to create the artwork but it is quite pretty. The colors of the book are soft and so Autumn-esque.


Super Speedy Summary

Told in the first person, a young girl realizes the season is beginning to change to Fall. She takes note of the way all the creatures are acting, indicating the end of Summer and begins walking around outside photographing the changes and collecting items. She addresses the animals, foliage and weather. Finally, after she’s collected plenty of fall-related items she rushes inside to create her “Autumn Book” to remember what the Fall season was like when Winter comes.

Mama’s Musings

Oh this book is so cool for this California Girl! I was born and raised in Southern California where the changes of the seasons were never evident in the slightest. The only difference was it was either hot, slightly less hot, somewhat cold and rainy. Those were the seasons I knew. There were no changing leaves, and certainly no leaves to jump in. I was surrounded by evergreen trees and knew nothing of what the creatures did to prepare for a new season. Japan is quite like California. In this island environment there is not much change to take note of.

I appreciate this book opening my own eyes (and AJ’s as well, though she doesn’t know it yet) to the true telltale signs of Autumn. I didn’t realize that each tree type has it’s own color to turn in the Fall (Dogwood becomes crimson, Oak becomes brown). I’ve seen pictures of trees with leaves that are so beautiful like this book and it makes me happy to have a better understanding.

I will say though that this book made me a little sad to be lacking so much in this knowledge. I want to live in a place someday where I can experience the change, it takes away the monotony of the day to day – if every day is beautiful weather, how are you to appreciate it? The child in me wants to jump into this story and spend a day with the little girl and Addison, jumping in the red, orange and yellow leaves and enjoying all that Fall has to offer (Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Scarves and all!).

Also, I will mention that this book is one of 4 from a collection of season related books by Wong Herbert Yee, and I eventually want to add all of them to our little library! I think these books would be excellent ways to introduce your children to the seasons and to help them identify which season they are in and which is coming.

Experiencing the seasons is a blessing! Autumn is filled with beautiful hues of red, orange, yellow and brown.


Final Review

This book is an excellent read for this time of the year, though I do think it is a bit too seasonal to be something we would grab all year long. It’s great for your child’s collection when the time is right and with the other 3 season books it’s a happy book for your shelf! This book earned 4 stars as it is a good story, but a little too time-dependent.

4 StarsNext week’s books are much less sentimental and a lot more hilarious, see you then.

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    1. Yes! This book is so great to introduce your children to Autumn, as are the other books from the series about the seasons. Thank you for commenting 🙂

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