Military Orders – The Intentional Bookshelf

Thank you so, so much for you and your family’s service and sacrifice to our great country. As you know, my own husband is in the United States Marine Corps. I was made aware that those of you with FPO / AP shipping or billing addresses cannot preorder a signed copy of my book – that’s no fun!

If this is the case and you are interested in preordering a signed copy of my book, please fill out the following form with your name and email, and address and I will personally email you an invoice to send you a copy!

Again, thank you for your service. Semper Fidelis!



“You are a parent and with that title comes both endless joy and incredible responsibility. You have the opportunity to mold and shape your child in any way imaginable, and that fact alone is scary and overwhelming. Stop thinking you have to do it all by yourself! In The Intentional Bookshelf author, blogger, and bibliophile-mama, Samantha Munoz shares how her daughter’s carefully curated bookshelf has saved her sanity as a parent and can save yours, too. Through actionable tips, thoughtful personal stories, and tongue in cheek humor, Sam teaches you:

  • The value of literature for parents and children
  • How to plan and build your child’s library
  • The types of books to choose from
  • How to organize your shelves
  • Unique activities to go outside the book
  • and more!

The choice is yours; either struggle through parenting with no backup or learn to craft a library of resources that is a reflection of your child and your family. (Hint, if the second option sounds amazing this book is for you!)”

When you preorder a signed copy of my book, you will receive it after December 1st with a handwritten and personalized note from me 🙂