How to Start a LOCAL Book Club & Our First Book!

I am the first to admit I am 1,000,000% introverted and shy – through and through! However, I have come to realize that I have a desperate yearning for companionship – and not building a local community of friends was beginning to be detrimental. I wish I was being melodramatic! I decided to start a local book club with some fellow mamas in my community & guess what!? It was so easy!

Starting a Local Book Club

Getting started with the local book club was super simple. As I describe in the youtube video, I followed these steps:

  1. I gathered interest through a local moms Facebook group (I was blown away by the response, who knew so many other mamas besides myself wanted friends, too?)
  2. I created a doodle poll & put in my availability then shared it with the other ladies to choose their date. When everyone submitted their available times, the software figured out the best time & date for us (easy peasy!)
  3. I created a Facebook group SPECIFICALLY for planning, organizing and scheduling our future book club meetings – plus for any mingling and chatting online we may want to do in between.
  4. I created a facebook poll within the group with 3 books (and now moving forward, those books will be based on the genre we choose during the previous meetings).
  5. Once the book, date, time and location were selected, I created a Facebook event! Everyone RSVP’d and it was that simple.
  6. Now, it’s just rinse and repeat for each meeting!


During the Local Book Club

As expected, when everyone arrived we were just getting to know each other (and as usual, the kids got to know each other WAY faster than we did, I love their innocence & lack of awkwardness!). As soon as we got to talking about the book though, the conversation just started FLOWING which I loved!

In case of a lull in the conversation, I came prepared with questions. I found & printed these ones which were super general so they worked for any book.


What we Read

I thought it would be fun to share what we read, my personal thoughts & some thoughts from the group week to week (I don’t know that I’ll do full posts but definitely on my Youtube channel which you TOTALLY need to subscribe to!).

This month we read, On Turpentine Lane by Elinor Lipman.

You can grab a copy of the book by clicking here!


This Romantic Comedy centers around a woman, Faith. She has a boyfriend (or fiance I suppose…if you count a red string tied around her finger as an engagement?) who randomly heads off on a philosophical, mid-life crisis-esque walk across the country. She decides to buy a house (on Turpentine Lane, go figure!) and soon realizes her home has lots of eerie history involving dead husbands & a strange picture of “taken” babies.

Faith realizes over time that Stuart, the boyfriend, is literally the worst – NO WAY – and ends up falling in love with her coworker after a bunch of other happenings. The story also follows her mother & father who have their own marriage / relationship issues.

We gave this book 3.5 out of 5 stars as a local book club group. The characters felt a little too shallow and it was like the author tried to pack TOO much into such a small, light story. I think it would have been better had there only been one relationship focus (vs swapping between Faith and her love life & her parents’).

We thought the character of Nick, the coworker, was so charming and fun – and some of the other characters seemed strategically annoying.

There were some laugh out loud moments – like when the old woman who’d pushed her husband(s) down the stairs showed up at Faith’s house…fun times!

I hope you start your own local book club. Truly, I cannot wait to continue exploring books & friendship with these ladies (who I hope don’t find it totally weird that I blog / youtube about our book club – but take me as I am!!).

Starting a local book club was SUCH a good idea for this introvert mama. Hear about how I started it & what we thought of On Turpentine Lane!

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