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I’ve been buzzing to write this review of our Kid Art Lit box since we got it in the mail in April, but we chose to wait to open it until my hubby returned (after 2 months of solo parenting). Luckily, the suspense of waiting was not in vain, because it was full of so much goodness that it was well worth the wait.

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I love sharing resources for parents that want to use literature to connect and engage with their families, and this box is an easy and fun way to do just that. In this review we’ll discuss:

  • What is Kid Art Lit?
  • A full look inside the April 2018 Kid Art Lit box
  • Our review, thoughts & takeaways


What is Kid Art Lit?

Kid Art Lit is a subscription book box company founded by two mamas, Julia and Megan. Julia is a former art teacher and artist, while Megan is a former Education specialist…thus the two made the perfect pairing for this company. Here’s how they describe what Kid Art Lit is:

Art kit meets storytime subscription box.

Build a family culture of creativity & reading with KidArtLit’s expertly curated deliveries.

Every box comes with one book, a simple art project, a more advanced art project and a magazine catalogue that helps tie every aspect of what’s included together. Because of their backgrounds, the two are able to curate high-quality children’s literature and art projects with everything included to make the experience enjoyable.


A look inside the April 2018 Kid Art Lit Box

As mentioned above, every box comes with a book, 2 art projects and a magazine. The first thing I noticed when we opened the box was just how much care is put into making this a real experience for your kids – from the wrapping, to the extra little crunchy colorful packaging, my daughter had a blast digging in.

This box included the following:
  • Wild World by Angela McAllister and Hvass & Hannibal
  • Ready Set Go Pack: Hand-Kite Kit*
  • Materials to create a woven artwork: pressboard looms, cord for weaving warp, recycled silk ribbon, chenille stems for weaving weft, and dowels for hanging the artwork.

*the ready-set-go pack is perfect for your little toddlers to get started with this box!


Our Review, Thoughts & Takeaways

I have so much love for this little box. As a parent who likes to read with purpose and loves to pair reading with activities that help us go beyond the book…I often find myself at a loss for the specific activity we should do.

The Kid Art Lit box took out all of the guesswork, and frankly all of the thinking, so all I had to do was open it and enjoy with my daughter. They did all of the hard work of curating the activity for us which gave us the opportunity to be present and have fun, together.

Addison is a very creative little girl, she adores art – which is why this box was also such a big hit in our home. She was over the moon to receive all of the art materials in the box and sift through them, and how incredible to be so excited about books in the mail!


The Magazine

This was probably my favorite part of the box, the fact that it came with a magazine that guided me as the parent and told me what to do (and when). It gave sequential steps for how to make the most of the box – read the book, do the ready-set-go project then tackle the big one. It also gave so much advice in terms of setting the stage (making sure you have the time, energy and space in your home to complete the project) as well as all of the background to give our whole family a deeper dive into the experience.

I’m a big fan of the moments where you get to learn with your kids, and I felt like I learned something moving through this box: I learned about the history of weaving and about our obligation to the environment.


The Ready-Set-Go Pack & Full Project

Because Addison is still so young, she’s 3 at the time of this writing, we chose to forego the full weaving project for later and focus on the Ready-Set-Go pack (which was a project creating hand kites involving wrapping ribbon around wooden rings).

I appreciated the fact that there was this smaller project that almost served as an entry point for our family. If we’d had older children this would be a good project for them to do on their own or to just get their feet wet working with the materials.

I also consider for larger families with children that are of a variety of ages how useful having these 2 separate projects would really help – the younger kids could do the simple project and the older could focus on the more complex one. Then, everyone gets to be involved while still doing something that challenges them and keeps them engaged.

Overall, we had such a blast with our Kid Art Lit box. We will definitely be ordering another one – especially when AJ is a little older and ready to tackle those more complex projects. I am so appreciative to the Kid Art Lit team for curating such a high quality box for us intentional families to enjoy.


Interested in learning more & ordering your own kid art lit box?

I figured you would be! We have a special link for the kid art lit box – this in an affiliate link which means Addison Reads will be compensated if you choose to purchase one – you can check out Kid Art Lit here!

Also, don’t forget, when you get your box and enjoy the book you can find others related to the same topic in the intentional book club!

Kid Art Lit is a subscription box for kids that pairs a high quality children's book with an in-depth art project (including all the materials)!
Kid Art Lit is a subscription box for kids that pairs a high quality children's book with an in-depth art project (including all the materials)!

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