The Little Kangaroo Who Lost Her Bounce

the-little-kangaroo-who-lost-her-bounce-bookThe Facts

  • TITLE: The Little Kangaroo Who Lost Her Bounce
  • PAGES: 9
  • ISBN: 9781760400798
  • Available on Amazon, here.

Initial Thoughts

As soon as I saw the cover on this book and that poor little kangaroo’s sad face, I wanted it. We picked this book up a few months ago while visiting the U.S. and we were immediately drawn to the huge text and the fact that this book is a lift the flap book! Honestly, I’m not the biggest fan of these types of books because I’m so afraid of them getting torn up rather quickly, but AJ has been kind to it so far (we do keep it on a high shelf and only take it down when it’s time to read). The cover is so light and friendly, it really was exciting to jump in no pun intended. I also researched the author a bit and found out she’s more specialized as an illustrator, which makes total sense because the little animals in this book are just adorable. I do wish we’d picked up the others of this collection, I remember something about a lion that lost his roar, but we may do that in the future to complete the set!


Super Speedy Summary

This short story follows a little kangaroo who wakes up feeling odd. She knows something is not quite right and realizes that she could not remember how to bounce. She searches her house for items to help her bounce, tries several different techniques to bounce but ultimately feels defeated and sits down to ponder. When she sit, she falls on her tail and bounces right up, the solution to her problem.

Mama’s Musings

I’ll start with the super positive emotional things about this book before I get a bit scientific. I am loving the fact that the illustrations are so silly, and Addison and I both enjoy lifting the flaps to help the kangaroo search for her bounce. It’s adorable. You really start to feel for the kangaroo as she tries so many different things but just cannot seem to figure out what she used to do to bounce. It reminds me of the times where you try a skill or activity you used to do in the past – you were a master at it – but when you try now, you just cannot get it right. This happened to me with tennis. I used to be quite good at the sport, but trying again years later, I’d lost my touch. It was frustrating because I just could not figure it out. So I understand the sentiment.

I also see how it could apply to Addison, especially in all these developmental changes she’s going through in her early years. She’s learning how to walk, she’s learning how to talk, and at some point all these things just eventually click. It’s not exactly apparent how, or why, but it makes sense and she’s able to do them. It may be a frustrating process for her, but in the end it comes together and she figures it out.

This leads me to my scientific eye on this book. At first after reading through the story, I was struck by the fact that the kangaroo fell on her tail and then began to bounce. I’d never heard of such a thing – I assumed kangaroos bounced and jumped using their legs. Little did I know, I was not necessarily wrong, but I wasn’t all right. Scientists have recently (ish) discovered that kangaroos actually use their tail as a fifth leg, and in doing so, it gives them more stability and control when they move. How fascinating! In college I remember doing lots of studies in my biomechanics courses on the movements of animals and I have since had a fascination with the way animals use their body to move in different ways and at incredible speeds. Here’s an awesome article about how Kangaroos use their tail in a unique way, found on National Geographic if you’re interested in learning more.

Even when things get frustrating, keep trying and you’ll get it eventually. Also, Kangaroo’s use their tails to bounce and move!

Final Review

We give this book a 4 1/2 star review. It’s not quite meaty enough for a full 5 stars as it reads in about 5 minutes. It’s a good activity book with the flaps (though I’m still skeptical it will last) but the educational side about kangaroos is what sold me. I love the fact that I learned something new, and so unexpectedly!


See you again next week for two more reviews on Tuesday and Thursday!

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The Little Kangaroo Who Lost her Bounce is a silly little lift the flap book, that actually taught me (Mama Munoz) something I didn't know about kangaroos! @addisonreads ---

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