Join the #IntentionalBookshelf Tribe

It’s hard enough being a parent – can I get a *woop woop* from the audience?

Here are a few things I believe in with my whole heart:

  1. You can have an incredible impact on your child’s moral compass by curating the books they read.
  2. Our little ones are shaped by everything in this world, children’s books included!
  3. It’s overwhelming to walk into a book store and not know how to choose between 1,000,000 different books.

My sole purpose here is to help you along your journey in building your intentional bookshelf for your family. Your bookshelf will change, adapt, transform and completely shift throughout as your children grow.

Let me in, let me be a part of your journey and let’s work together.

I have a free gift for you to get you started right now. The Quick-Start Guide to building your own family’s Intentional Bookshelf. Plus you’ll also get access to my whole library of resources to help you along the way!

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