I Love You Night And Day


The Facts

  • TITLE: I Love You Night and Day
  • WRITTEN BY: Smriti Prasadam-Halls
  • ILLUSTRATED BY: Alison Brown
  • PAGES: 26
  • ISBN: 9781619634077
  • Available on Amazon, here.

Initial Thoughts

The cover of this book is so darling and happy, the bear and bunny staring off into the distance and the colors feels so calming. We reserve this book for nighttime because of this exact reason, it just has that look. As a sturdy board book, Addison likes to grab it and sift through the pages pointing out different things in the illustrations. Overall, the book is somewhat plain. There aren’t too many words which makes it a quick page-turner and the illustrations are basic and simple. One of our favorite pages has a vertical orientation though which adds intrigue.


Super Speedy Summary

This book is somewhat like Guess How Much I Love You, where each page is a description of how much the characters love one another. It is different however in that it is not a competition between the two, but rather different places and ways in which they love each other.

I love you far, I love you wide, From over here, To the other side.

Mama’s Musings

I teared up while I read this book – and that’s the truth and that is absolutely the way I want to start my musings section. The reason this book is so amazing and perfect is just like Guess How Much I Love You, the characters and the relationship between them is not defined. As a reader, we aren’t sure if they are siblings, parent and child, friends, significant others, anything! This makes the book and the little “I love you…” saying all the more valuable and applicable, because it takes the reader’s perspective to make the story.

My husband just returned back to us after being away for 2 1/2 months. We read this at bedtime with him and I could just feel the love between he and Addison, and between the two of us. The book addresses the way love conquers all and despite fights and arguments. My favorite line being “I love you big, I love you tough, When the path is smooth and when it’s rough”. Who hasn’t been in a situation where your love (regardless of whether it is for your significant other or for your child) has been tested? This book addresses the strength and bonds that love creates in a playful manner that makes you just want to cuddle and snuggle with whoever you’re reading it with.

This book makes a great gift for your child (or a child in your life) for something like Valentine’s Day. A day where love is personified in flowers and chocolates (and in some cases, literature).


Core Value Addressed: Love Fiercely and Wildly

Final Review

One of our core values as a family is to love each other – love each other hard and tough and fiercely and put each other first and love each other night and day. This book holds a special place in our hearts and on our bookshelf because of this. I Love You Night and Day easily earns all 5 stars.

5 Stars

In my book I talk about getting clear on your core values in order to grow your bookshelf, which is why this book has a happy place in her library.

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