Guess How Much I Love You

guess_how_much_i_love_you_book_1The Facts

  • TITLE: Guess How Much I Love You
  • WRITTEN BY: Sam McBratney
  • ILLUSTRATED BY: Anita Jeram
  • PAGES: 20
  • ISBN: 9780763642648
  • Available on Amazon, here.

Initial Thoughts

I’ll first say I had no idea this book even existed, but then to see that it said “20 years” on this edition I was sad I hadn’t read it in my childhood. The sturdy board book version we own is perfect for Addison and it’s small enough to take with us anywhere, we throw it in the diaper bag and just go – I’m sure you can tell this book is well loved! The imagery and colors give me a very “timeless” feeling, and echo to an older style of illustrations, very similar to the classic Winnie The Pooh. It’s quite long for a board book which is awesome, the pages are a little thinner than others we have to accommodate the length, but it makes for a nice read.


Super Speedy Summary

This adorable story all about love follows two characters: Little Nutbrown Hare and Big Nutbrown Hare. Little Hare tries to outmatch Big Hare’s love but always falls short – they go back and forth with how much they love each other (measuring by bounces and by distances). In the end, Little Hare starts to get sleepy and whispers one final proclamation of love, sure that Big Hare cannot surpass it, but on the final page, he does! So cute.

Mama’s Musings

Since we received this book as a gift from a friend, it already gives me happy feelings (thank you Mary!). As you may know from some of our other reviews, books as gifts are our favorites. This book is so sentimental and a perfect snuggle story, I love the fact that the relationship between “little” and “big” nutbrown hare isn’t defined – it could be two friends, siblings, spouses, a parent and child, anything! The universality of the relationship makes it applicable to so many people, and means that in our collection it can take on many forms. When my husband and daughter read it, it symbolizes their love and relationship. When AJ and I read it, it represents ours.

The funny thing is, this book reminds me more of my own relationship with my husband. Often throughout our relationship and even now, we have played the “I love you more” game and it gets quite fun inventing all the ways to beat the other person. Just when you think you have them, the other one comes back with something two times as big. It’s such a fun activity and stretches the imagination, I hope we never stop. In fact, as soon as Addison is old enough to talk with us and understand what we’re saying, I’m sure we will play it as a family, too!

On a deeper level, I really admire this book for addressing something quite complex – the infinite nature of love. As a parent I felt the direct implications of love’s boundlessness after giving birth to my daughter. Before Addison, my heart was content and full with the love I had for my husband. I couldn’t imagine how I could love someone else. And then she was born, and there it was, more love. My love did not simply transition from my husband to my daughter, my heart just grew to accommodate.

It’s funny because as much as I know this, and grasp the idea that love has no bounds, I find it hard to imagine loving another child. I’ve heard many fellow moms say that before they had their second child they felt a similar way. And then they have them, and their heart just grows. I believe it is something you must experience to understand.

The last thing I will say is that this book is such a cute representation of the wonder, excitement and imagination of the youth. I find it hilarious that Little Nutbrown Hare continues to think of crazier and sillier ways to represent his love. It’s such a great and accurate ending for him to get tired at the end of the book, exhausted by his efforts. It reminds of children after they eat lots of candy and crash from the sugar. This makes the book perfect for two things: bedtime and snuggles.

Love is infinite and boundless.


Final Review

This book is a lovely classic to have in your collection and I absolutely recommend it for bedtime reading or as a gift to someone you love. You can really take your time reading it and enjoying the story, though it isn’t too long (good for those with short attention spans). We gave it 4 1/2 stars, hope you enjoy it!


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Guess How Much I Love You is a book that will make you want to cuddle your little one all night and tell them how much you love them!! @addisonreads

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  1. Ah, I love this! I used to read it to my kids. Great book! And my heart grew two more times after my first-born!
    This also makes me sad and mad (at myself). I wrote several children’s books(board books that are longer) when my daughter was tiny. I tried to get them published. Received one rejection and never tried again. Dumb and I need to try again!!
    Thanks for the “I should get those out and try again” feeling!

    1. Hi Dedra. First of all, yes that’s what everyone says about their 2nd! I don’t know if we plan on having another child but if we do I’ll be excited to know the feeling too. Also, yes that sounds so cool. If you end up writing one let me know and we will do a review to help get the word out. With self publishing options you’re sure to get lots of excitement and buzz around it 🙂

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