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More about the Master Booklist:

Over 25 topics ranging from “The Alphabet” to “Understanding Differences”, this children’s booklist is quite literally one of my most prized possessions. As someone who thinks critically about every book and what category it fits into, this is like gold (though sorry, it has no monetary value).

This isn’t some printable, this is a serious resource.

This will help you begin to find books to grow your Intentional Bookshelf.

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What parents are saying

The list is awesome! I love it. There are so many different categories. This will help me pick out books at the library. A lot of times I don’t know what to get for Azariah at the library, but now I do!


Mama, Blogger + Bible Study Creator at

OMG. Sam’s Secret Master Booklist is ah-mazing. We are huge fans of the library, but we always seem to come home with the same types of books–Lightning McQueen and Dr. Seuss (God bless them both). I love that her list offers a wide variety of books, many that I never knew existed, and that they’re organized so that I can click a topic, jot down a couple of titles and hop off to the library.


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