Elements of Kids Reading Spaces We Love

In The Intentional Bookshelf I talk in great detail about the importance of creating a comfortable, relaxing and sacred space for reading. This is a space that makes you feel at ease and makes your child want to snuggle up or calm down and sit for story time. Everyone’s reading space will be different, just like the books they read to their children will be different. Depending on the colors you like and the styles that calm you and your family, one reading space may be preferable over another.

If you have been following along with our journey and lives, you will know that my little family of three is soon moving to South Carolina! We are a military family so these frequent moves are no surprise to us, but this is the first time we have plans to actually buy our own house. That said, creating a space just for reading is basically at the top of my list for things that will exist in the new house. As you might expect, I’ve been pinning like crazy about the new space and getting super inspired by all the awesome cozy areas we could create. I think we’ll do a combination of some or many of these – these are the elements of kids reading spaces we love. I hope some of them inspire you to create one of your own for your family!

*ps: if you’re looking at these and feeling sad that you cannot recreate them right now for whatever reason, remember, nothing beats a good ole’ blanket, big pillows and some stuffed animals! It doesn’t have to be perfect to be a relaxing space.

Elements of Kids Reading Spaces We Love

1. Reading Tents and Teepees

With some blankets and pillows, these tents are just so perfect and cozy. This one shared by Lindsey of the Pillow Thought blog is particularly adorable. I don’t know if I would risk making one of these myself, I’d be way too afraid that it might collapse, I’ve seen them at Target actually and they’re quite nice!

Image by Pillow Thought.

2. Book Nooks and Hideaways

If we are able to get the house we have been praying for fingers crossed, we will have 2 stories which means…stairs! I have always loved the reading areas that take advantage of that extra space under the stairs. Kids are small, right? Why not take advantage of tiny little spaces that encourage closeness and snuggling!? This fantastically colorful one by Lay Baby Lay is what dreams are made of.

Image by Lay Baby Lay.

3. Hanging Canopies

This particular one is handmade by a small business, Blue House Joys. I love the simplistic and clean look to these hanging canopies and how you can easily make a space feel larger by using the whole vertical area. Also, who wouldn’t want to play hide and seek and read books in that thing?

Image by Blue House Joys.

4. Low Bookshelves

One thing I did in our old apartment that worked well but was poorly executed was I put bookshelves up on the wall. It was great in theory because the books acted as decor in our home, but I failed to think through the real use. Addison couldn’t reach 3 of the 4 shelves…#fail! So this time I’m planning to keep the bookshelves nice and low (whether they’re on the wall or not). This house bookshelf is so adorable and I love that it’s hung so low! By the way, Love Create Celebrate actually gives the plans to build one of these yourself!

Image by Love, Create, Celebrate.

I can’t wait until we find out whether we can close officially on our dream home or not – until then, I’ll be happily pinning away and imagining what all of the kids reading spaces and the rest of the home could be.

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Do you have a reading space for your family? Which of these elements is your favorite?

We LOVE to read, so why not have a wonderful space that we can enjoy our favorite activity in? These are the elements of kids reading spaces we adore.

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  1. Love, love, love it! Having a relaxing and inviting place for your little one to spend time and enjoy a good book is so special. So honored to be featured here! Thank you!

    1. Totally – the chalkboard detail on the reading nook is one of my favorites. YAY! I would love to see how you implement some of these.

    1. I know, they are seriously too cute. Let me know if you get one, I think once we move we’ll definitely be investing.

    1. Exactly. It helps them relax and if the space is comforting and welcoming, it’s a place they’ll go for “safety” and rest.

  2. I love this so so much!! I have a Pinterest board that is filled with little reading nooks for kids, specifically magical ones like the tent. All of these gave me so many ideas for my future little ones.


    1. That’s awesome! I also have a pinterest board, only issue is I have so many pins it’d be hard to implement all the great ideas.

    1. That’s so cool that you actually have a teepee! That’s the goal. May I ask how you have it set up? Against a wall / in a corner? I see all these amazing photos but I’m trying to think about how I would actually create a similar space.

  3. I love this! I have 6 year-old twins who are learning to read. My daughter is obsessed with it and could definitely use a dedicated reading space in our house. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. That’s so fun! I think the more we create these awesome spaces for them, the more they will want to sit there and enjoy them.

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