Eating The Alphabet

Eating The Alphabet Book 2

The Facts

  • TITLE: Eating the Alphabet
  • PAGES: About 25
  • ISBN: 9780152010362
  • Available on Amazon, here (hardcover) and here (board book version)

Initial Thoughts

This adorable book was one I remembered from my own childhood, and I absolutely could not wait to read it to Addison. I love the fact that the illustrations are somewhat abstract and clearly created by a talented artist. The version we grabbed was a hardcover but I know they now come in board book form. I think it would be worth it to also have the board book version as well because with kids – the sturdier the better. I could not wait to just jump in and enjoy this book with AJ and teach her all about fruits and veggies.

Eating the Alphabet Book 5

Super Speedy Summary

This book shares fruits and vegetables in each letter of the Alphabet coupled with some amazing hand drawn illustrations. Every letter is covered (surprisingly) and the ending is the best – a glossary of each fruit and veggie in the book, what they are, where they can be found and how to pronounce them.

Mama’s Musings

No, this book isn’t deep or thought provoking in the emotional sense. It does however make me truly reminisce on memories from my childhood. I distinctly remember being in elementary school and having this book read to our class. They made it a huge ordeal and brought in some of every fruit and vegetable mentioned for us to try out (I’m guessing not EVERY one but it sure seemed that way). It was really fun trying out lots of new foods – I do recall that being my first exposure to jicama, which I now love!

AJ might be a little too young for this now, but I am so happy we read it together because it was fun showing her all of the foods and getting a chance to expose her to the alphabet in a different way. Word and letter association is such an excellent way to practice spelling (apple starts with A!). I think we will have this book on standby so in the future I can recreate my elementarty school experience and try all of the fruits and vegetables as we read through the book.

This book is an excellent teaching tool.
Practice letters + fruit/vegetable identification. Expand your child’s pallet by actually trying the foods!

Have you ever met someone that was such a picky eater and never wanted to try anything new? I wonder if they’d been introduced to a variety of foods more often, if they’d have a more adventurous spirit about unique culinary experiences. Especially living in Japan, I personally have tried things I never thought I ever would – and I hope that AJ gets that same love of the unknown – I think this book is a great introduction!

Side note: I think using “Xigua” (the Chinese word for Watermelon) for the letter X was necessary but also disappointing! Can’t we rename another fruit with a cool X-name? Who needs apples? We can have Xapples.

Eating the Alphabet Book 4

I also picked up this really great puzzle to practice our fruits along with the book! It paired together so well – and if we’re interested in learning Japanese too, we could.

Eating The Alphabet Book 1

Here’s a similar puzzle if you want to try the combo!

Final Review

Overall, as much as this book is a great educational tool – it kind of stops there. It’s beautifully illustrated, a great memory for me personally and a really excellent teaching book. It doesn’t have a “story” to follow so it’s not really good for bedtime, but it does make for a good activity. We give this book 4 1/2 stars!

4 1%2F2 Stars

We have a really exciting book review coming up next week – I can’t wait to share it on Tuesday morning, bright & early!

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Eating the Alphabet is a great book for learning the alphabet and learning about new fruits and vegetables you may never have heard of. Plus, it makes for a great activity - read the book AND try new fruits and vegetables with your kids. @addisonreads --

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