Dinosaur VS Mommy


The Facts

  • TITLE: Dinosaur vs Mommy
  • PAGES: 28
  • ISBN: 9781423160861
  • Available on Amazon, here.

Initial Thoughts

When I see this book, one thing comes to mind – it’s so colorful! The cover itself is purple, green, red, pink, I just adore it. Plus, it doesn’t stop there, the end papers are just as colorful with a mix of teal and purple and some adorable hand drawn looking illustrations. I really appreciate how fun this book looks because it truly speaks to the content of the book itself. Another thing I noticed when just thumbing through it was that the pages also contained a lot of color, none of the backgrounds are white and the pages are all different colors. The book doesn’t contain many words at all, but the brilliant illustrations really make up for that. The little dinosaur looks simultaneously evil and hilarious. How can it be so?


Super Speedy Summary

The book doesn’t exactly have a traditional beginning, middle and end but the main story line follows a little dinosaur doing several naughty things. Between waking mommy up early, to flushing toys down the toilet, to resisting the bath, Dinosaur always “wins”. At the end, when mommy has finally had enough, she wins and gives dinosaur a great big kiss!

Mama’s Musings

I really appreciate this book for so many reasons. It is so chaotic and really a bit abstract in the story making it a little difficult to follow but incredibly interesting at the same time. The first time I read through it with Addison I was thinking about all the moments I could personally relate to – being woken up early, just wanting to take a simple shower and the most noteworthy, having to refold laundry AJ destroyed. It’s fun to look at it instead from the perspective of the “kid” which I can only imagine to be the dinosaur. To him, he is just having fun (and on the jacket of the book it describes him as “helping” mommy). He wins and gets what he wants, but it never seems to be in a malicious way. It’s more of an innocent way, where he is coming to the situation from a place of fun and laughter.

The jargon in the book also really reminds me of a wrestling match or something too “now Dinosaur will unleash his signature move…”. This just makes the book so silly and funny. In some ways this way of writing speaks to the playful nature of motherhood and parenthood in general. Sometimes I really feel like it’s me versus AJ (and often times she is winning).

I do have to say that the thing that struck me the most was the mother’s reaction throughout the book. Despite all of the chaos and “help” dinosaur provided, we never see the mother react in a negative way, she simple just keeps on moving and going about the day, embracing the early morning wake up, giving dinosaur love. It’s awesome and it is a reflection of parents. I might have days where I’m totally worn out, but just like the mom at the end of the book, I win. I win because I have a child who loves me, who I get to kiss at the end of the exhausting night and give a warm embrace to. It’s hard, parenting is not even a little bit easy, and it’s even harder than I ever could have imagined. But it is so beyond worth it to me. Gilbert and I laugh that kids are so cute because they come with so much stress and pressure, but they are adorable so we will still want to kiss them anyway!

Parenting is fun. As exhausting as it can be, and as much as our kids win the small battles from time to time, we are so lucky to have them in our lives.


Final Review

My only problem with this book was that the story line had to be inferred a little bit, however the images were so bright and colorful and the text was so fun to read (lots of “roar”ing on our part) that it was still a good read. I’d say this book is great for bedtime since that’s where the story ends. We give this one 4 out of 5 stars.

4 Stars

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