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Cheeky Monkey Book

The Facts

  • TITLE: Cheeky Monkey by Igloo Books
  • PAGES: 8
  • ISBN: N/A sold as set
  • Sold as a set with small stuffed monkey (adorable + cuddly)
  • Available on Amazon, here.

Initial Thoughts

The book is a super sturdy board book with a soft squishy cover. It’s a good size to travel with, but too large to throw into a purse. The fact that it came with a cute and small stuffed monkey is a huge win. This was a gift from a dear friend for Addison and she absolutely loved it the moment she opened the set.

Oh, it’s pretty tasty too.

AJ with Cheeky Monkey

Super Speedy Summary

This short board book follows a day where Cheeky Monkey, the main character, tries to repeatedly trick his friends into thinking he needs their help. When his friends come to help him, they are disappointed by the fact that he was in fact, lying. At the end, Cheeky Monkey really does need help but much to his dismay, his friends do not believe him. Eventually after realizing his mistake, he apologizes to his friends and they gladly forgive him.

Mama’s Musings

I should first say that the illustrations in this book are quite adorable and the book itself is very colorful and bold. The fact that it came with a fun little plush monkey was an added bonus! I did notice the frank similarities between this book and many other fables and stories (The Boy Who Cried Wolf being the clearest inspiration). While the story might not be a new one, the morals are still excellent ones I believe in wholeheartedly.

Honesty is the best policy.

When you lie, you become untrustworthy.

Asking for forgiveness is a positive first step.

I will definitely keep Cheeky Monkey on hand in the future when lying is a topic of discussion in our family. The best part? We can bring along our plush monkey to help us act out the tale.

Final Review

We give this book 4 1/2 stars. It only lost out on the last 1/2 by being less than original in its main story line.

4 1%2F2 Stars

Until next time, happy reading!

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Cheeky Monkey is an adorable book about being honest - check out this book review and others @addisonreads ---

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