Bookish Parent Features: Melissa Whaley

Melissa Whaley #BookishParentFeatures - @addisonreads

Melissa Whaley #BookishParentFeatures - @addisonreads

Reading is so fun because it ignites our kids’ imaginations. – Melissa Whaley

Tell us a little about yourself, your family and your parenthood journey thus far.

My husband and I met in college when we were both 19. We got married shortly after graduation (like 7 days to be exact) and were blessed with our oldest, Keira, 13 months later. We waited quite bit to have more because we wanted to have solid income and better insurance. Kili came along just before Keira turned 5, and Liam was born in 2016. We’ve been through a lot of ups and downs with jobs, family stuff, and moving to go to grad school. Now we’re settling into a home in Southern California where we will hopefully stick for a while. My husband is a teacher for a Charter School, I run a tax and bookkeeping business from home, and we now homeschool the oldest two kids.

What has been your biggest parenting struggle – how did you overcome it?

I think our biggest struggle so far has been figuring out how to handle intelligent strong willed kids. They are very much like us, so choosing a discipline style that is effective hasn’t been easy.
Melissa Whaley #BookishParentFeatures - @addisonreads

What does your Intentional Bookshelf look like?

We have a VERY eclectic bookshelf because we have so many interests. There is a good mix of fiction and non-fiction. We particularly love animals so there are lost of animal centered books. We love Dr Seuss, P.D. Easterman, and my daughter is currently in love with the Candy Fairies books.

How do you use children’s books to be a better parent?

I love using books to teach about the world around us and our values. We introduced the concept of siblings through books, learn about cultures and teach about our faith by reading and discussing what we read.

Why do you enjoy reading to or with your children?

Reading is so fun because it ignites our kids’ imaginations. I love when they start to come up with their own versions of the story, or asking the “what ifs” about a story.
Melissa Whaley #BookishParentFeatures - @addisonreads

Where is your favorite place to buy children’s books?

I’m not picky, if I see a great book then I will grab it. I mostly shop Amazon and Walmart.

What is YOUR favorite book?

Ok this is a book that is not my favorite because it’s an easy read, but the books that has literally changed the way I live my life is “Daring Greatly” by Brene Brown.

We have to ask this question – if your child’s bookshelf was on fire, what 3 books would you save?

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