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Amber Richcreek #BookishParentFeatures

Amber Richcreek #BookishParentFeatures | @addisonreads

I try to keep the characters diverse; bold girls, gentle boys, and people of color. – Amber Richcreek

Tell us a little about yourself, your family and your parenthood journey thus far.

My husband and I have a 1.5 year old boy and another on the way. Our family has been rolling with the punches the best we can–nothing can really prepare you for parenthood, no matter how long you plan or how many parenting books you read! From living in a tiny studio apartment, to moving across state, to taking in my father-in-law when he needed a place to live. And of course all the health, development and behavioral adventures that come with raising a little person. But at the top of our priorities is always to make sure we stay playful and have fun with it!

What has been your biggest parenting struggle – how did you overcome it?

Coming to terms with things that I thought I wanted, but when I got it it turned out I didn’t. For example, I always wanted to be a stay at home mom, but once I became one I itched to get back to work! I overcame it by being honest with myself, and finding happy compromises: for example working as a nanny so I could keep my son with me, and then finding a preschool I could work at where my son could come with me.

What does your Intentional Bookshelf look like?

I try to keep the characters diverse; bold girls, gentle boys, and people of color. For fiction, we tend to lean towards stories about kindness and friendship. For non fiction I’ve been finding we really like science books. Oh, and dinosaurs, since he’s currently obsessed with dinosaurs!

Amber Richcreek #BookishParentFeatures | @addisonreads

How do you use children’s books to be a better parent?

It really helps teach him messages in fun ways. For example, he was recently biting a lot in child care. We read “Teeth Are Not for Biting” a million times and talked about it with him; I think it worked a lot better than just scolding and lecturing! Now that there’s a baby on the way we’re using books about new babies and being a big brother and I think (hope) he’s getting the idea!

Why do you enjoy reading to or with your child?

Reading is something that I personally have enjoyed my whole life, and so I want him to also develop a love of reading. It’s such a peaceful way to spend time with him, and I get my snuggles in (which isn’t always easy with a busy toddler!)

Amber Richcreek #BookishParentFeatures | @addisonreads

Where is your favorite place to buy children’s books?

Used book stores, thrift stores, and locally owned little shops.

What is YOUR favorite book?

East of Eden (so hard to choose one!)

We have to ask this question – if your child’s bookshelf was on fire, what 3 books would you save?

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