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The Addison Reads blog is primarily for book reviews, in fact, that is the only content I share here. For a good reason, too. This is a place to search for books you might want to read with your child. However, if you find yourself wanting more advice on how to incorporate children’s literature into your parenting style, check out these awesome places I have been featured or I have shared my expertise!

Podcast Features

I have been featured on some incredible podcasts with generous and kind hosts.


The Lu & Bean Read Podcast || Episode: 25

Discussed: how to build an intentional bookshelf with your kids, how any parent can do it (not just us Type-A’s) and how children’s literature is insightful.



screen-shot-2017-02-19-at-11-54-11-amModern Mommy Prepschool || Episode: 5
Discussed: The anxiety surrounding too much parenting advice and how building a bookshelf for your child should be a personal journey.

Guest Posts

Thank you to these bloggers who opened their spaces to me and what I teach!



SIC (Sane In Chaos) Mama Blog || Children’s Literature: The Key to Stress-Free Parenting

My personal struggle as a parent trying do teach my daughter #allthethings and how children’s lit saved my sanity.

Reviews of my book, The Intentional Bookshelf

I wrote a book called The Intentional Bookshelf which dives deep into how I use literature to be a better parent and how you can, too! Learn how to curate a library of books that are carefully chosen to reflect your child’s values and interests. Learn more here >>.

Check out these wonderful reviews of The Intentional Bookshelf. I appreciate the way each reviewer took a different approach to writing their post.

  • The Organized Homeschooler:  Jennifer shares from the perspective of a homeschooling parent and how The Intentional Bookshelf is perfect for new parents.
  • The Playful Learner: Amber appreciated that the book was less about early children’s literacy and more about how we as parents can benefit from finding the right books for our kids.
  • Den and Sky: Kimba’s post showcases a Q&A with the author (that’s me!) where we talk about how children’s books are helpful to parents who travel with their kids.
  • Modern Twin Mom: Sunit was happily surprised that The Intentional Bookshelf was not a laundry list of books to buy for your children but rather how to choose the ones that make sense for you and your family.
  • The Mommy Clause: Corinna dives deep into how we can help our children process their emotions with literature (a topic I discuss heavily in the book).
  • Hodge Podge Moments: Pam was happily surprised that the book taught her things (though she is very well educated herself when it comes to children) and will be recommending it to new and experienced parents.
  • Two Little Rippers: Amy showed off how The Intentional Bookshelf inspired her to create a nomadic reading corner in her home – and she was thrilled when her little ones knew exactly how to interact with it.
  • Blissful Intent: Heather shared her favorite parts about the book and also gave an awesome list of books her little ones love and the topics they fall under.
  • Side By Side Learning: Lindsey felt empowered by the book. She knows that if her little ones have questions, she can turn to their children’s books to help them find the answers!


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