From the moment my daughter was born I knew it was my husband and I’s responsibility to raise her to be the best she could be. To provide her with the tools and knowledge to fulfill her dreams and to expose her to as many experiences as possible. Reading is a door to worlds unknown and it opens the mind to new thoughts and discoveries.

Hi, I’m Sam + this is my daughter, Addison!

Addison, also known as AJ is a sweet, bubbly, active and energetic two year old. She loves running around shoe-less, waving to strangers and giving lots of hugs and kisses. Another thing she loves to do is “read”.

It’s not uncommon to find Addison somewhere around the house curled up with a book. She might not know what the words say (and half the time she’s holding the book upside down!) but what I think she does know is that she loves to explore what’s inside the cover.

I wrote an entire book about how I parent my daughter with children’s literature. I don’t just randomly throw books on her shelves or give her a stack of books I haven’t carefully read myself. No, I am creating an intentional bookshelf for her. You can download my free quick-start guide to building your own intentional bookshelf, here!

I write about the books we read together – our reviews + thoughts on books we like, and books we don’t.

This blog isn’t somewhere to find reviews by famous critics. This is a blog where I share what I’m reading with my daughter, what we think of what we read, and how it shapes our opinions about the world.

5 Facts About Me:

  • I absolutely love coffee. I actually have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to it.
  • I have a background in engineering and computer science – need help with your website? That’s something I do!
  • My hubby is in the military which makes me a military spouse. We move around a lot and I enjoy every minute of it.
  • I never thought I wanted more than one child but now I’m reconsidering because Addison brings my life so much joy.
  • Oh, and I’m sarcastic. So get used to it. If you’re a love of sarcasm and humor, welcome!

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